Holton Supreme Amplifer R2




Size細細,內部十分足料,可輕易應付大部分書架或小型座地喇叭 One-Zero-Zero Supreme The One-Zero-Zero Supreme from Holton Precision Audio offers remarkable performance in a compact form factor. Measuring just 300mm wide x 200mm deep and 160mm high, it is the perfect partner for our K300 monitors in studio environments. Featuring a 400VA toroidal transformer and 80,000uF of filter capacitance, the One-Zero-Zero is exceptionally stable and capable of delivering transient peaks accurately and without clipping. Also incorporated is an AC mains power controller with inrush current limiting and full loudspeaker protection. The chassis is made from all aluminium with a 10mm thick fully machined and anodised front panel. Like it’s bigger brother, it includes an on-board AC power controller with inrush current limiting for silent power cycling and full loudspeaker protection. SPECIFICATION 2 x 120 Watts RMS (continuous) into 8 ohms 2 x 200 Watts RMS (continuous) into 4 ohms 2 ohm stable Biased into Class A/B Rugged dual die lateral MOSFET output stage Frequency Response: 3.5Hz to 300kHz -3dB Dampening Factor At 100Hz: 8Ω = 800 RCA Single ended Input impedance 20kΩ XLR Balanced Input Impedance 40kΩ Fully Balanced Circuit Topology 12 Volt trigger input for remote power switching SNR -110dB THD-N = 0.005% @ 10 Watts 8 Ohms Five-Zero-Zero Supreme https://www.facebook.com/454664504896136/posts/856952031334046/

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